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Gascoigne (2015)

Gascoigne (2015)

Paul GascoigneVinnie JonesGary LinekerDiego Maradona Jr.
Jane Preston


Gascoigne (2015) is a English movie. Jane Preston has directed this movie. Paul Gascoigne,Vinnie Jones,Gary Lineker,Diego Maradona Jr. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Gascoigne (2015) is considered one of the best Documentary,Biography,Sport movie in India and around the world.

A feature-length theatrical documentary on the life of Paul Gascoigne, one of the most naturally gifted footballers of all time, delving deep into his psyche, vulnerabilities, fears and triumphs.

Gascoigne (2015) Reviews

  • FANTASTIC insight into one of England's greatest ever footballers.


    Now a days when we hear the name 'Paul Gascoigne' buzz words enter our head to fit the meaning of that name. Words such as "druggie, alcoholic, mad, crazy, and legend". Although he made his mistakes in the past, like anybody else, we should all never forget the amazing footballer he once was. I personally think director Jane Preston has done a wonderful job in this documentary by making us all remember the heroics on and off the pitch of the legend that is, Paul Gascoigne. With fitting tributes in this feature by the likes Gary Lineker, José Mourinho and Wayne Rooney all sharing their admiration of the talent Gazza is. Gascoigne talks to the camera for the majority of this documentary as he speaks joyfully, fondly, happily and at times emotionally about his career. If you are a fan of football, a fan of Paul Gascoigne, a fan of sporting heroes, then I ensure you, this is a must-watch for you.

  • Not bad at all


    This is an enjoyable documentary about the genius footballer that is Paul Gascoigne. It's great to see him in a good place at the moment and he looks happy in the film. It's not groundbreaking. You are not going hear or see anything you haven't before and he doesn't get into the personal side of his life too much but if you wan't a historical account of his life , with some great footage , from the man who knows best - this is it. There are vox pops with José Mourinho ( not sure why ) , Gary Lineker and Wayne Rooney and the close up shots of them are slightly distracting but it's Paul you really wan't to hear from . 6 out of 10

  • Emotional and enjoyable! 5/10


    Review: I quite enjoyed this documentary because it showed a true side of Paul Gascoigne, away from all the glitz, glamour and a awful lot of drinking. The director didn't rely on cheap gimmicks and clever graphics and he chose to just have Gascoigne speaking about his life, which was quite emotional in parts. I was expecting more information about his filthy habits and his troubled marriage but those subjects weren't mentioned because it's mostly about his football career. His brief but highly successful career was put on hold, after a bad injury during the 1991 FA Cup Final, before he moved to Lazio in 1992 for a record signing fee. He played a few matches for the team but he wasn't able to shine like he did in the UK. After being kept out of the Lazio team for some time, he moved to Rangers in 1995 for a record transfer fee of £4.3m and he regained his reputation as a skilled football player. He made a hand gesture whilst celebrating a goal and he received a death fret from the IRA which bothered him for some time and he was worried about his families safety but he soon received another letter from IRA, saying that he would be murdered if he made the hand gesture again, which put his mind at rest. He then played for England in Euro 96 with Terry Venables as the manager and after a magnificent goal against Scotland, he had earned the love of the English crowd again. He then had a strong battle with alcohol and drugs, which isn't shown in the documentary, and he went on to play for Middlesbrough and Everton but he was dropped from the England squad in 1998. Now heavily addicted to drink and drugs, his face was plastered in all of the newspapers as the man who had it all and wasted it. On top of that, he started to become paranoid because personal information were leaking in the newspapers, which made him dive into the bottle even more. He then found out that his phone was being tapped by the News of the World and he finally got his day in court in 2015. He continues to be an icon to a lot of people around the world, mainly for his no fear attitude on the pitch but his addiction has troubled him, in the latter part of his life and he has been close to death a couple of times. Everyone wishes the best for him but it's only him that can help himself. This emotional documentary, really does show how having everything really isn't for everybody. He will never return to the form that he was in during the 90's but he still was one hell of a football player. Watchable! Round-Up: Its sad to see how Gazza has become, after such a successful career! I found him to be very honest in this documentary, especially about the deaths within his family and friends and how they troubled him. He finally got divorced in 1998 after a turbulent marriage which involved Gazza beating his wife for nearly 2 years and they later tried to reconcile there relationship after he faced his demons but it still didn't work out. With that aside, he still is loved by the nation and that famous crying photograph from the 1990 World Cup will definitely be a moment to remember in English history. Budget: $1million Worldwide Gross: N/A I recommend this movie to people who are into their documentary/biopic/sport about Paul Gascoigne and his rise and fall in the world of football. 5/10

  • Paul talks us through his football life, focusing mainly on his England days and doesn't delve into his personal life in too much detail.


    Having been born in 1990, I have very little, if any, solid memories of Paul Gascoigne on a football field. Sadly for me I seem to know more about his off the field problems that I did of his actual football career. This documentary is narrated by Paul Gascoigne himself, he talks us through his club career, England career and some of his personal off the field moments. I would have liked to have heard more about his personal life but sadly he didn't really delve into that in much depth, however when he did he seemed to get very upset – making it quite uncomfortable and upsetting to view. I wouldn't give it a lesser rating based on the fact that he didn't talk about his private life as it quite clear he wanted to focus on his football career (England in particular). Seeing Paul talk about England with such fondness and joy was refreshing to see, he saw it as the greatest honour to represent his country and you get the impression that those memories mean more to him than anything else. The documentary has appearances from a few other faces in football, Gary Lineker offering the majority of the support with Wayne Rooney and even Jose Mourinho (for some unknown reason?) giving their input on Pauls story. The editing starts to get quite irritating the more the film goes on, the use of slow motion shots are a little BT Sport esc and are cringey to see the least. Slow motion scenes of Gary Lineker laughing hysterically, while staring past the camera into the distance and then running his hands through his quiff start to get tiresome when they use it for the 10th time in less than an hour. Overall this documentary isn't without its negatives but I did find it to be very entertaining, I hadn't really seen an recap of Paul Gascoignes football career and with me having very few memories of his playing days, I found myself quite hooked while watching this. He is clearly a very troubled man and the joy you could see he got from reliving this football days were quite special to see. He came across quite a humble man who seems to have been battling his demons since he was a very young boy, it is such a shame. 8/10

  • Gazza the Legend


    @ATEreviews from United Kingdom ....and even Jose Mourinho (for some unknown reason?) Seriously?? Mourinho is famous for shouting to Gazza after an Everton game and shouting out loudly in the tunnel "Special One" to which Gazza argued, in Gazza's special way that he wasn't and Mourinho was. Anyway, banter followed and its quite a famous story so your review is uneducated and lame. ATEreviews needs new reviewers. I was 19 in 1990 and enjoyed the 82 and 86 World Cups in equal heartbreak but 1990 saw English football put back on the map after Heysel and Hillsborough etc. Gazza changed the face of English football and he alone, in my opinion should take credit for changing the way we see the game for the last 2y years since Italia 90. A quarter of a million people lined the streets of Luton upon there return in 1990. Imagine if we had won! Shame we have no one with the skill, charisma or just plain fun factor to make sure our boys away for 5 weeks every 4 years can make sure we have the team we had in 1990. Edit...Just wanna add 1996 also. The year football came home


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