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My Name Is Lenny (2017)

My Name Is Lenny (2017)

Josh HelmanMichael BispingChanel CresswellJohn Hurt
Ron Scalpello


My Name Is Lenny (2017) is a English movie. Ron Scalpello has directed this movie. Josh Helman,Michael Bisping,Chanel Cresswell,John Hurt are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. My Name Is Lenny (2017) is considered one of the best Biography,Drama,Sport movie in India and around the world.

The life story of one of Britain's most notorious bare-knuckle fighters, Lenny McLean, also known as "the Guv'nor".

My Name Is Lenny (2017) Reviews

  • Life story?


    A very thin slice of Lenny McLean's life washed clean to within an inch of none existence. The real Lenny Mclean was a criminal, thug, enforcer, street fighter and unlicensed boxer, who was far from invincible and who also ducked out of many challenges from more skilled opponents. Later in life McLean ended up as an actor too, before being struck down at just 49. An interesting life that is pretty much ignored in this film. Instead we are presented 'lovable rogue' stereotype keeping his neighbours safe, a cartoon character, and his three fights with Roy Shaw. And if that wasn't enough, McLean's facial ticks are exaggerated to a crazy level, rendering him a gurning fool. Not good. Avoid.

  • Time I'll never get back!


    Do not waste your life watching this film, what a load of bollocks. Even worse than the other film 'The Guvnor' If you want the story of his life, read the book, and use your imagination. Don't get sucked into a shit film because you will never get the time back!!!

  • Watching a guy do face twitches the whole time


    I could not get through this film. The guy who plays Lenny is continuously twitching his face in a very annoying manner that is so obviously fake that it pulls away your attention from the film continuously. The whole underlip stretching is beyond absurd and annoying as hell. Do not watch this, it's absolutely ridiculous.

  • God Awful, A Waste Of 90 Minutes Of My Life........


    I gave this film 1 star because I couldn't leave a zero star rating!! What a load of old pony, making a hero out of this bully is an insult to the memory and family of Gary Humphries!! If you're bored, or have a penchant for low budget and even lower quality 'English Gangster Flicks', such as all those crappy 'Essex Boy Drug Dealer' films, you'll probably like this load of old tosh too. Can I have that 90 minutes back please?

  • Could be so much better


    The dialogue is often what people outside of East London imagine it should be but is far from authentic. The humour that is often implicit in the language is missing. As for the main character, to see critics describe him as a hero is laughable. He may well have been know in unlicensed fighting, and in some of the cubs, but the average East Londoner in the 70's and 80's would not have known who he was. The actor playing McLean at least gets across the manic nature of McLean but his facial expressions are a bit OTT. In fact most of the acting is a bit naff with the exception of some of the more established thespians, who do their best with a script that is jerky and direction and post production that is not the best. There is a story to be told here but it needs better actors, a better crispy and much better direction.


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