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Valley Uprising (2014)

Valley Uprising (2014)

Peter SarsgaardAlex HonnoldYvon ChouinardRoyal Robbins
Peter Mortimer,Nick Rosen,1 more credit


Valley Uprising (2014) is a movie. Peter Mortimer,Nick Rosen,1 more credit has directed this movie. Peter Sarsgaard,Alex Honnold,Yvon Chouinard,Royal Robbins are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Valley Uprising (2014) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

In the shady campgrounds of Yosemite valley, climbers carved out a counterculture lifestyle of dumpster-diving and wild parties that clashed with the conservative values of the National Park Service. And up on the walls, generation after generation has pushed the limits of climbing, vying amongst each other for supremacy on Yosemite's cliffs. "Valley Uprising" is the riveting, unforgettable tale of this bold rock climbing tradition in Yosemite National Park: half a century of struggle against the laws of gravity -- and the laws of the land.


Valley Uprising (2014) Reviews

  • by far the best Yosemite alternative documentary


    This movie is not only very detailed and technically post-produced in an amazing way, it is actually SUPER FUN. Actors aka climbers are so honest and spontaneous that you can't stop staring at them and laughing out loud. The story of the touristic evolution of the Yosemite national park is quite astonishing and sad for certain aspects. It is a film about people, real human beings that will make you dream. While watching this outstanding documentary you will feel the need to run pack your climbing gears and go training to get ready for the next adventure on those big walls... Dreaming is guaranteed. Oh, by the way, adrenaline must run high during the movie; if you suffer of heart conditions, watch it with caution!

  • Amazing does not say enough


    Maybe since I've known Royal and Liz Robbins for over 40 years, you may think I am biased. But this is unquestionably the best documentary of the Yosemite climbing experience I've ever seen. Great filming, commentary, and wonderful sense of humor through it all. The characterizations of these climbers was excellent. We learn who some of the significant climbers are, their motivations and aspirations to accomplish what no one has ever done before. Just when we think those glorious climbers of the Golden Age have done all that can be done, then along comes the Stonemasters of the 1970s and the StoneMonkeys since the late 1990's. These climbers demonstrate a unique ability to conduct a true Uprising while continuing to hold sacred the idea that we are in charge of our own destiny and that Yosemite is a diamond worth preserving. For a startup, Sender Films has set a new standard of its own. Congratulations!

  • Killer documentary


    Super extensive documentary on the evolution of the Yosemite climbing community. Great film. My only criticism was that they skipped from the end of the Stone Masters era to the emergence of the Stone Monkeys in the late 90's and 2000's. I started climbing in 1991 and there was quite a bit being done to elevate hard standards in the late 80's and early 90's by the likes of Croft, Osman, Suzuki, Skinner, Piana and more but they moved past this era in the film. It was maybe not a particularly "dramatic" era in climbing history but that was where the sport really became "mainstream", if you can call it that, which is definitely historically significant.

  • All about the high


    Valley uprising tells the story of multiple generations of climbers in the Yosemite National Park. From the first hippies/pioneers to the modern day climbers. For a person like me; who has no in depth knowledge of climbing, techniques or jargon, the documentary gives a good and amusing insight in the psyche of the climber and the evolution of climbing as an outdoor sport in the past decades. It is amazing to see what progress has been made in terms of raw (climbing) speed and the mind boggling free climbing practitioners. The colorful characters and stories, especially from the early days are very entertaining. Original video footage is mixed with breathtaking shots of classic Yosemite walls. Worth mentioning is the CGI technique that is used to give a more or less three dimensional feel to archive pictures and historical footage stills

  • Fantastic film!!!


    First off, out of the three reviews here, one gives this doc a 3 star rating and complains about the lack of still shots and zooming in/out effects and that unless you have ADD or like movies that are cut like commercials then this movie is terrible. Disregard that review (and the awful grammar) and read this and the other 2 reviews. And then just go and watch this film! I am not a rock climber and have hardly any experience whatsoever. I am however a huge outdoor sports guy and have been for as long as I can remember. I am also a filmmaker. And this movie was nothing but amazing to watch and I enjoyed it from both perspectives. This isn't a documentary about the climbers, it's a documentary about yosemite and all the amazing things that it has and continues to offer to so many people. It's a magical place and the interviews spin this incredible story from some of the earliest climbing days to the most recent. There is a great arc to everything. The interviews are insightful, real, funny, humbling and awe inspiring. The cinematography is gorgeous (great use of drones, gopros) and the techniques used to bring still pictures to life really add a great style. The editing is smart and well paced. The filmmakers definitely understand pacing. There's also this great injection of humour which comes from these characters that are just in love with climbing, the lifestyle and equally in love with yosemite. And the filmmakers don't shy away from it. In fact, they embrace it and it really adds to film by giving it this authenticity. But at the end of the day, it's the story that really draws you in. And in this case the love (some might say obsession) the climbers have for yosemite and for climbing and the magic that connect both are transported off the screen and directly to the viewer. It's a fascinating, humorous and inspiring film that is a must for anyone looking to watch a great doc.


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