Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain (2011)

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain (2011)

Kevin HartTaraji P. HensonWill 'Spank' HortonHarry Ratchford
Leslie Small,Tim Story


Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain (2011) is a English movie. Leslie Small,Tim Story has directed this movie. Kevin Hart,Taraji P. Henson,Will 'Spank' Horton,Harry Ratchford are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain (2011) is considered one of the best Documentary,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Experience the show that quickly became a national phenomenon, and get an up close and personal look at Kevin Hart back in Philly, where he began his journey to become one of the funniest comedians of all time. You will laugh 'til it hurts.

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain (2011) Reviews

  • Dear Kevin Hart: You are funny, but you ain't no Chappelle yet


    Kevin Hart has risen from underground sensation to a mainstream comedian with a massively successful tour that rivals that of Eddie Murphy's conquering of the 80s. In the midst of his tour they decided to make a film out of it. I strongly believe that it wasn't originally planned at the start of the tour because of the way the film turned out. Yes it was funny but it was a very disorganized film that prevented itself from being one of the better stand-up films—even though it was leagues under classics like Eddie Murphy's Raw and Richard Pryor's Live on the Sunset Strip. A lot of disjointed moments limited the rate of laughs from the audience to a point that the ending became quite sour. However, this is a must-see for Kevin Hart fans. For others, you won't be converted to a fan from this material. Laugh at My Pain consists of three acts: the first act being about Kevin Hart's tour of Philadelphia to the audience, the second act being his stand-up performance in Cali, and the final act being a random skit about robbing a bank. I did not make that up. Let's now talk about Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart's comedy comes at the style of Bernie Mac, not afraid of humiliating himself while telling a plethora of amusing (and sometimes exaggerated) stories about his upbringings and his lifestyle. He is one of the better modern-day comedians, but still lacks the variety, stamina, and the slick substance of Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. His stand-up here was definitely the best part of the movie, far more entertaining than the slightly egotistical but heartfelt intro in Philly, and much funnier than the awful skit that finishes the film. His stand-up routine isn't his best, but still delivers. He talks a lot about his dysfunctional family (including an excellent bit about his infamous uncle that's a staple in his comedy), his sex life and impending divorce, and about financial lifestyle. The one evolution you'll see here when compared to his past work is that he likes to run his jokes now, constantly repeating some of them throughout the bits. The audience I was watching the movie with was eating up this performance; they loved every second of it. Kevin Hart fans will not be disappointed. And then there's the final third of the flick. Kevin Hart's stamina isn't as long as Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and not even the likes of Dane Cook. By stamina I mean length of his actual stand-up. While Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy (back in the day) can easily pull almost 2 hours of bits in one sitting, Hart doesn't have that ability----yet. And because of this, he had to throw in something extra so the movie doesn't feel like an extended television episode. The final skit however was absolute garbage. First off the audience Hart appeals to will most likely not catch the references to Tarantino and Michael Mann filmmaking. Second off, it broke the entire pace of the movie. Third off, t was unnecessary and just all-around not funny. I strongly suggest walking out after his stand-up part finished so you can walk away from the theater with a smile and not a frown. Bottom Line: Kevin Hart would have delivered a better movie if he extended his comedy and not try to become a Chappelle (his show was a hilarious underground phenomenon) or Rock by providing a skit. Skits are leagues different from stand-up and unless you have a true grasp on how to time your humor in these things, you are better off not performing any of them. Kevin hart's brand of humor is conventional, not too edgy or underground (like George Carlin) and will appeal to most audiences as long as you can tolerate the language. But if you are expecting a stand-up comedy classic like those we saw in the 70s and 80s, then you will be disappointed. This film isn't a game-changer, but will entertain plenty, especially in the middle bulk.

  • Hilarious!


    This is a fall out of your seat riot. We just saw this over the weekend and it is hilarious. If you need some laughs in your life, go and see this! Asap! The way Kevin mixes family and laughter will make you laugh also. I know we all have some family members we'd love to talk about and some of us probably do, just not on a big stage like him. Kevin doesn't let up and every one is a victim. You will be repeating some of his jokes as soon as the film is over. I called a friend up this morning just to say ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! Good times. This man is truly talented. I wont compare him to anyone else. He is good in his own right. Check it out.

  • Kevin Hart continues to amaze!


    You know you're are on an elite level when you can put you stand-up in theaters and sell it out. I went to see "Laugh at My Pain" in Ontario, CA and the theater was packed. I've seen Kevin Hart live a couple of time and he was amazing! Seeing the this at the movies I say was just as amazing. What made up for it not being live was the huge screen so you felt as if you were front row at the show. I would recommend this to anyone who loves comedy to see. I'm sure I will see this at least one more time before it leaves theaters. Anyone who has already seen Kevin Hart before I'm sure they already saw this because you just can't get enough of this guy.

  • Kevin Hart is hilarious


    I loved this comedy and hearing about his family and pain. I feel bad that Kevin Hart lost his mother, but I am glad he is strong enough to joke about the situation. His cousin Al and his past just made me cry of laughter. Alright Alright Alright! That was just too funny and too much. I loved hearing about his father and his past which just made me cry of laughter even more especially when I heard about the story with the father being a step dad. Another thing that made me laugh is when Kevin Hart made a joke with his uncle sending a threat/message to cancer. If I could I would love to watch Kevin Hart almost all the time. Thank you Kevin Hart for all your comedies so far.

  • What about our pain?


    Golly gee and goodness gracious me. How bad can one guy be? I mean really! I wasn't expecting too much when i went to watch this and it turns out my expectations were too high. The "comedy" is bad and i mean really bad. I'm not sure if its an American thing (I'm Australian) and by that, i mean, that you would have to live in America to get the "jokes" but i didn't find it funny at all. I gave up after 30 mins. Surely if i hadn't laughed once by then i wouldn't be laughing at all. Don't get me wrong though, America has some good comedians out there. And in previous years I particularly enjoyed Richard Pryor and also Eddie Murphy in concert. But Kevin Hart just isn't funny.If its that easy to make a lot of money but spruiking about everyday living then everyone over there should get on stage. It would be a riot of laughs.


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