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Padmaavat (2018)

Padmaavat (2018)

Deepika PadukoneRanveer SinghShahid KapoorAditi Rao Hydari
Sanjay Leela Bhansali


Padmaavat (2018) is a Hindi,Tamil,Rajasthani movie. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has directed this movie. Deepika Padukone,Ranveer Singh,Shahid Kapoor,Aditi Rao Hydari are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Padmaavat (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,History,Romance,War movie in India and around the world.

This fictional story is set in 13th century medieval India. a Princess of Sinhala(modern-day Sri Lanka) called Padmavati falls in love with an already married Maharawal Ratan Singh, King of Chittor. Upon their marriage, Padmavati is crowned queen, taking the place of the legal wife and queen consort of Ratan Singh and they reside together in joy and splendor. Their perfect life takes an unfortunate turn when a Court priest Chetan, banished by his king Ratan Singh, approaches Sultan of Delhi Allauddin Khilji and convinces him to attack Chittor and capture Padmavati for her beauty and absolute luck she brings to the king she marries. Sultan Allaudin Khilji, convinced by the priest of his claims and promises, prepares to attack Chittorgarh.


Padmaavat (2018) Reviews

  • An eye candy movie; And its not the magnun opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali


    From the very beginning, this movie will try to buy you out with its lavish sets, costumes and visual effects but as it proceeds futher it only seems like a show-off; how they have spent so much money. This movie is one dimensional like its characters and the writing is too lazy: both for the character developement and screenplay. The dialogues were pathetic, self-glorifying and at places they were quite absurd. Its quite funny actually when you see the close-ups come after a dialogue and these are apparently meant for you to clap or shout or blow whistles in the theatre. Amongst the lead trio, Shahid was pretty convincing but Ranveer's role was seemingly over stretched and Deepika had literaaly the same expression on her face throughout the movie. This movie was long and filled with shots showing the shallow depth of the background to make you notice its vastness. And don't forget some really good plot holes, and these are many in number too. However, the cinematography was good. Some visuals were great but the dance nubers were the ones to rescue. They were very well choreographed and the music was great( These reminded me me of watching a Bhansali movie). If you sum the movie all up, then its nothing more than a mediocre treatment to an epic tale and you will feel that showing great pieces of art on screen doesn't make it a great art itself.

  • I got fooled by the hype!


    SPOILER: What do you get when you have Bhansali, Ranveer, Deepika and Shahid in a movie? Well, I can't believe I'm saying this but sometimes you just get a shitty movie! Shahid is utterly miscast as a warrior king. He looks like a puffed up frog next to Ranveer and just doesn't cut it in this world. But the movie itself is honestly....terrible. The plot mechanics, basic story elements are just filled with illogical scenes. The CGI is horrendous! People are offended by this movie for various reasons but here I was offended by the bad CGI. The songs are just plain bad, two of them are so sudden and misplaced that you just end up laughing out loud. Never does it reach the level of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas and Bajirao Mastani either visually or musically. Now, Ranveer as Khilji is committed, looks great but the character is hollow because the film maker is in love with the actor. Never do we see Khijli's savagery or rumoured bisexuality. There is this idea that he's in search of LOVE but let's be honest, he was going to rape a queen...he wasn't some misunderstood bad boy. The violence, the sexual themes, religious differences in this war...everything is just disneyfied for prettiness and that's just bad cause it's not a Disney movie, it's a warrior movie and Bhansali should have make it like one. The slow-motion scenes are another minus point in this movie, the turban-tying and holi-rubbing are taking such a long-ass time. Shahid and Deepika have no chemistry, whatsoever. Why Padmawati falls in love with this symbol of hollow masculinity that is Raja Ratan Singh? No reason is given. The entire Rajput's strategy has dug a big hole and get captured. The final fight should have been like Troy, but Shahid and Ranveer are mismatched. It's doesn't seem Shahid is interested at all. There is supposed to be a scheme and escape ending in a tragic sacrifice but we have terrible CGI instead taking all the air out. What also annoyed me is the lack of world building. Where is Mewar? What is Chittor? Is Khijli's throne in Delhi? And how does it take to get from one place to the other? How did Ratan Singh get kidnapped with all his guards outside the tent? Is Ratan Singh a good king, we should root for? Is he a warrior? Never is this established so all the showdowns with Khijli mean nothing. Also the betrayal that kicks off the war is never explained? Why was the priest watching???? Like I've said before, this movie is just filled with illogical loopholes and the movie is sooooo long like almost 3 hours. Padmavat fails to establish emotional connect as the writing is pale and withdrawn. Despite all its opulence and grandeur that is a given in a SLB film it still does not have the "heart" that is associated in such films. Battle-scenes wise, sadly there is more action in the streets than in the film.

  • Nothing more than a jewelry advertisement.


    Very boring and slow, focus of the movie seems to be just few models playing dressing up, swooning and lots and lots of slow motion staring. Stupid to have so much slow motion scenes if you are not intending to emphasize something. People who watch movies to check out dresses and jewelry will be able to see this

  • Padmavati goes hunting a poor deer while her polygamous husband does animal sacrifice n both of em r glorified.


    This film is a perfect example of self indulgence n distorting history to appease the fringe elements. It is a perfect example of over glorification of so called patriarchal men who made their females commit sati n banished the widows to Vrindavan in Benares. All ye pathetic bhakts, keep on reporting morons. God bless the Britishers for abolishing sati n giving education. Whenever these bhakts aka dumb products of flaccid assets report my reviews, i feel happy as i really succeeded in making them angry. The film purposely potrayed the muslim rulers in very bad light contradicting historical facts which was to please the fringe bhakts. But why did the film showed the Brahmins as sexual perverts n traitors? There is a clear pattern to colour Islamic rulers as villains with no reference to any facts based on authentic sources of information," said Heeram Chaturvedi, head of department of history at Allahabad University.

  • Very slow movie - not a 3D film


    Padmavat is being shown as 3D but actually this is 2D converted into 3D, which makes actions unclear and dull. So the photography part of the film becomes very poor. Story is heavy and slow. To present it in a better way, 3D shows should be immediately stopped

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