Sasu Numbari Jawai Dus Numbri

Sasu Numbari Jawai Dus Numbri

LANG Marathi
TIME 2008
Makarand Anaspure Pradnya Jadhav Nirmiti Sawant


Sasu Numbari Jawai Dus Numbri is a movie starring Makarand Anaspure, Pradnya Jadhav, Nirmiti Sawant

Laxmibai is a rich money lender, for whom money is everything including God being a shrewd woman the entire village lives in fear of her. Irsha, her daughter is her only weakness, she dreams of getting her married to someone who has a shrewd business sense and a knack for making money. But fate has other plans as Irsha falls passionately in love with Tukaram, a village simpleton. A distraught Laxmibai dares Tukaram to earn Rs. 6 Lacs within a week. Tukaram's various attempts fail miserably when ultimately Irsha hits upon an idea and gives him the 6 lacs. Laxmibai, now lays another condition to intimidate him from marrying her daughter. She now dares him to spend the same 6 lacs within a week and she also takes it upon herself to stop him from doing so, as she doesn't want her son-in-law to have the upper hand.



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