Sivaji (2007)

Sivaji (2007)

RajinikanthShriya SaranSumanVivek
S. Shankar


Sivaji (2007) is a Tamil movie. S. Shankar has directed this movie. Rajinikanth,Shriya Saran,Suman,Vivek are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2007. Sivaji (2007) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Held in a cell, Sivaji reflects how he came to be under police scrutiny and his subsequent arrest for a variety of economic offenses. He had returned to Chennai from the U.S. to live with his parents and maternal uncle, and had hoped to invest money in colleges and hospitals so that people who are not privileged can benefit - much to the chagrin of a sophisticated goon, Adisheshan, who threatens him, and asks him not to tread on his territory. Disregarding this and hoping to get his projects going, Sivaji runs into bureaucratic corruption and red-tape - so much so that he gives in and bribes an official Rs.4 Crores to complete his Rs.200 Crore project. An enraged Adisheshan has the local politician stop the work, but Sivaji bribes the latter Rs.50 Crores, after liquefying most of his assets. While he is busy wooing and attempting to marry Tamizhselvi/Vidyabharti Ramlingam, a new politician takes over, stops his project, and demands another Rs.50 Crores. Unable to come up with the ...


Sivaji (2007) Reviews

  • Watch it for its style element and exceptionally opulent sets


    How many stars or superstars in India have the status of being treated like a God, being cheered at every punch-line or cool gesture, being in a position where a mere nod has the potential to change political fortunes? From his humble beginnings as a bus conductor in Bangalore, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, aka Superstar Rajnikanth is simply larger than life and this time it has just gone bigger with Sivaji, his one hundredth Tamil flick. With more than 700 shows on a single day running now, it just can’t get any bigger. With an enormous budget, which according to varied reports ranges between INR60Cr to INR80Cr, Sivaji is the most expensive Indian film to date; with nearly INR35Cr and overseas rights going to the highest paid lead star Rajnikanth. The dizzy numbers easily outweigh any of the stars of Bollywood and compares with Jackie Chan, the highest paid actor in Asia who is an exponent in the genre of stunt based action and style. In his latest flick Rajnikanth plays the title role Sivaji, a US returned wealthy software engineer turned social reformer. Incidentally, his name in the movie is same as his original Maharashtran name and also the name of the legendary king. In his path, the reformist finds many obstacles which, needless to say are handled with unprecedented ease and in a populist approach with lots of cool and crazy style thrown in. For worshipper fans, Rajnikanth gives them an overdose of style. The opulent sets, especially for the song vaaji vaaji are beyond proportion. With numerous costumes and hairdo changed nearly for every couple of lines. The outdoor shots are equally creative with a colorful group song, El Mariachi style sets for one and European locales for another. Shriya has done a fabulous job of looking great as both, an item girl in the songs and as a homely girl in the story. Nayantara too did a great jig in the first song. Although AR Rahman was not up to his usual mark, the sets compensated for it. Coming to the substantive part of the movie, the story, script and dialogues, my review may not be on the dot since I didn’t really get all of the Tamil dialogues. I should have ideally seen a Telugu version. But, really, how does language matter when most of the movie can be understood by situation. Style and opulence are there for all to see. In what is a departure from full Tamil dialogues, Rajnikanth is a suave and cool computer wizard with some English dialogues. May be, this was designed to appeal to Gen-next Southerners, many of whom are well placed software engineers in India and abroad. Although some may argue that Rajnikanth movies are all about unrealistic style, it is important to consider that this in itself is a different genre. Similar unreal & stylish movies include Quentin Tarantino flicks like Desperado, its sequel, Chinese flicks where people fly, Bond flicks and of course and the Recent Dhoom 2. The last Rajnikanth movie I saw was Padaiyappa which I felt was a tad more realistic. But, who cares about realism when you know fully well that stylish movies are usually no-brainers and especially when you see a whole multi-ethnic multiplex audience going into frenzy at every other scene!

  • Sivaji - The Boss


    Sivaji - The Boss Whenever I go to a movie, I just wish to forget the logic and want to be entertained for 3 hours completely. This is what happened to me, a thorough entertainment. One of the best movies by Superstar. Rajini - He is all the way in this movie unlike padayappa or Chandramukhi. The opening scenes were too good. As everybody else have exploited the plot, it is about black money and a timing one. Shankar wants his ideas to be expressed loudly and he has chosen Superstar this time and has given it pretty well. There were some loop holes, which may be forgiven as this is just a movie (How can people expect a natural drama with Rajini?). With Vivek, he makes the crowd go crazy with comedy, especially when Vivek stops Rajini from telling punch dialogues and when Rajini speaks about PROFESSIONAL ETHICS to a corrupt minister. Costumes and make up help Rajini to look younger. Commendable work by the group. Scenes, where Rajini looks Whiter, puts the audience in surprise. Styles and Actions are too good. Villain Suman has given his best for his role. Shreya looked like Diva in song sequences and fits for purpose. Mottai rajini rocks everyone on theatre. Finally Shankar wanted a film based on a strong message for Black money and Rajini has once again shown why he is an uncrowned Emperor of Indian Cinema. Forget the logic, go watch the movie and get yourself treated. Because Shankar and Rajini have given the best of their PROFESSIONAL ETHICS.

  • 100% Rajni movie


    This is a 100% Rajni movie. One has to see the movie and experience it. No words to describe the sensation. Shankar has used Rajni's talents 100%. The movie has everything. #Style #Grand and Rich #Action #Comedy #Message #Romance and above all #Rajni I watched the movie in USA. The fans were crazy. We whistled and clapped and it was a fun to watch the movie. The movie was full house on both the shows we had.

  • Excellent!!! 'superstar' Rajinikanth All The Way!!


    Sivaji starts on with Superstar Rajinikanth (Sivaji) in jail. Sivaji goes in his flashback and there we witness that sivaji comes from America to chennai for business. He makes a plan of making a Medical Institute for Open Heart Surgery for poor people who cannot afford High Amount for the surgery. But the Evil (Suman) doesn't approve it. Instead of making this institute one should better make Shopping Malls and Multiplexes is what he believes. Sivaji proceeds with his plans and stopped by Anti Social Elements. A typical Director Shankar's characters such as Curropt Ministers, Curroupt Officors etc. Suman with the help of the corrupt system makes sivaji poor. But sivaji bounces back with his new plan of Exposing those Curroupt people by their unofficial hidden black money and illegal documents and plays his games of getting the black money to his US Account and turning it into donation and continue making the Medical Institute for poor. The camera work is just brilliant. Director Shankar once again proves that he is much much much higher than any other Indian Film Maker in Film Making. Musically the film is awesome!! A R Rahman does it again. The sets (Totta Tharani) speaks the amount of money that has gone into. Till date this film is Asia's Most Expensive Film. Approximate budget of Indian Rupees 150 Crores!!! Performancewise Super Star Rajinikanth is just Brilliant!! An out and out show stealer. Shriya does not matches the superstar's caliber but still she is good. Vivek is good too. Suman is very good as the evil. Raghuvaran has just 4 scenes to perform but comes good as a surprise!! The film has it all!! Superstar Rajinikanth and Director Shankar creates magic on the screen!! A film that is not to be missed at any cost!! Bravo!!!

  • Rajni all the way through !!! Shankar falling way below his standard !!


    Just came back from the preview screening of Sivaji here in Chennai .. Overall the movie was excellent .. just because Rajni carried the movie all the way through !! The plot was very good but the way it was presented was very weak .. still the one man show does the trick and no one could stop enjoying the movie !! It was a treat to watch the totally reinvigorated Rajni of early years ... The first half was good with good comedy from Rajni and Vivek whereas I felt that a whole lot was missing in the second half. Though the Adhiradikaran song and the build up towards that .. with Rajni enacting Sivaji, MGR and Kamal Haasan was just enough to make me watch this movie second time ... it was just the maximum we could expect from a Rajni movie ! Shankar has done an excellent job with the comedy scenes, songs picturisation (Oru Koodai was extremely good !!), story theme and in overall presentation but should have concentrated a lot more on the screenplay. Had it not been Rajni in this movie, im sure that this would have bombed at the box office with just a small puff of smoke !! Rajni .. I have no words to describe the portrayal of the character of Sivaji and MGR (Yes .. You read it right !!). He has done a marvelous job and no wonder he is the un-comparable SuperStar of Indian cinema. The first scene of the second half .. in the tea stall .. is just one scene that would prove that he is the leader in dialogue delivery, dark humor and style. Just awesome !! Overall, we had total fun for the money we spent starting from the dance in front of the theatre before the movie to enjoying the terrific performance by the icon !! As a Rajni fan I would rate this movie a 10/10 for having all what we expect from a Rajni movie !! and as a normal viewer I would rate it a 6/10 .. Yes .. Shankar could have done a lot more !! Enjoy the movie !!


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