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A Christmas in Tennessee (2018)

A Christmas in Tennessee (2018)

Rachel BostonAndrew W. WalkerPatricia RichardsonKate Moyer
Gary Yates


A Christmas in Tennessee (2018) is a English,French movie. Gary Yates has directed this movie. Rachel Boston,Andrew W. Walker,Patricia Richardson,Kate Moyer are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. A Christmas in Tennessee (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Cutting short her French pastry training, divorced Allison Brentley and her adolescent daughter Olivia Brentley moved back to Allison's hometown of White Pines, Tennessee - nestled in the Smoky Mountains - when her father fell ill, and upon his subsequent death, Allison took over running the struggling family business, Rocky Top Bakery, working alongside her mother, Martha. Feeling like her ex-husband not only abandoned her but more importantly Olivia, Allison has sworn off dating not wanting ever to put Olivia in that position again. Overhearing her mother talk about the bakery's struggles, Olivia, as her Christmas wish from Santa, asks for more people to come to the bakery to buy what she considers the world's best cookies so that her mother won't have to worry about money. Olivia may have gotten part of her wish when a kindly, motherly woman and subsequently her husband come into the shop and loving the cookies ultimately place an extremely large order for a Christmas party, Olivia...


A Christmas in Tennessee (2018) Reviews

  • Loved it!


    I loved this, perfect for the whole family. Always enjoy anything with Rachel Boston, and this was the cutest Christmas movie I've seen this year so far. Good job!

  • This movie is NOT set in the past


    One reviewer here mistakenly thinks the movie is set in the 40s or 50s due to an antique cash register and some other antiques and then complains about all the "out of period clothing" other anachronistic items. This person turned off the film as a result. This person failed to figure out a few old items surrounded by dozens of new items, like microwave in bakery, new cars parked in driveways, lots of modern clothes and hair styles, etc indicates a moderrn setting. Anyway sure the film is a typical lifetime Christmas offering. It's nothing extrodanary. If you like that sort of thing you will enjoy it. I did. If you don't, you won't. The addition of Santa is always a welcome addition for me. I WANT TO BELIEVE

  • Unexpectedly good movie


    Somewhat cheesy, somewhat sappy, but cute plot. The big bad developer angle has been hackneyed to death - so no points there. I was probably more impressed with the acting of the supporting cast than the two leading roles. Patricia Richardson was wonderful and Caroline Rhea was fabulous in this film. Would love to see these ladies in more Christmas movies. Best Mr. & Mrs. Claus cast ever. The cast playing the teachers and the neighbors were impressive also. The lead actors did well when there was slight banter between them but there seemed to be no believable spark.

  • More of the same


    I waited eagerly for this movie because the totally vivacious Rachel Boston is one of my most favorite actresses and Andrew Walker ranks high for me also. Throw in a cute kid and you should have an automatic winner. The acting was fine. The chemistry between Walker and Boston was OK, but could have been better if the movie had spent more time on them and less on the business conflict. The business aspect of the story is one of the more used plot devices in Christmas movies and that aspect of the story was totally predictable and not only uninteresting, but a little annoying. On the other hand, there was a Santa angle on the story that did add a little spice to it. Overall, I was disappointed mostly because I wanted more from Walker and Boston and just a little less of the ominous tone brought about by the Scrooge-like boss and backstabbing assistant. It actually creates some extra suspense even if everything was still predictable. However there is still plenty for people who enjoy this type of movie to like.

  • Whatever state or country you live in, romance fans, you will love it!


    Allison (Rachel Boston) inherited her Dad's longtime bakery in White Pines, Tennessee, a small, lovely town near the Smokey Mountains. Her mother Martha (Patricia Richardson) helps with the shop and with Allison's young daughter but she is still grieving the loss of her husband. Thus, when the friendly letter carrier comes to deliver, Martha doesn't respond to his smiles. Allison, too, doesn't have a beau. Alas, business is slow and bills are being hard to clear. Then, when Allison's little girl writes an essay about the bakery's problems for a school project, the teacher comes calling. Only, the letter sails off into the sunset! Almost at once, a lady (Caroline Rhea) who resembles MRS. CLAUSE, comes calling and places a large order. Things are looking up. Yet, trouble starts afresh when businessman Matthew (Andrew W. Walker) and his snooty partner come calling with plans to buy out the downtown and convert it to a resort/shopping complex. Allison won't sell but could the handsome investor get around her refusal? This lovely romcom has much humor, sweetness and romance. Boston and Walker are very beautiful, talented folks who are wonderful as the main characters, while the supporting cast is marvelous as well. Needless to say, the scenery in Tennessee is lovely and costumes, script and direction are nicely done. Whatever state or country you live in, escape to a fine Tennessee romance!


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