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One Winter Proposal (2019)

One Winter Proposal (2019)

Taylor ColeJack TurnerRukiya BernardDewshane Williams
Gary Yates


One Winter Proposal (2019) is a English movie. Gary Yates has directed this movie. Taylor Cole,Jack Turner,Rukiya Bernard,Dewshane Williams are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. One Winter Proposal (2019) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Cara and Ben return to the resort where they fell in love a year earlier. They invite her friend Megan, hoping she'll reconnect with Ben's friend Sean, now the resort's doctor. During the trip Cara finds a jewelry receipt, leading her to expect a proposal from Ben, but a misunderstanding may ice his plan.

One Winter Proposal (2019) Reviews

  • Beautiful!


    It's Hallmark... it's pretty typical but sometimes it just doesn't work.. in my opinion, this movie worked! I loved it. I especially loved the REAL snow and snowflakes, the scenery was beautiful. I watched the two movies back to back this evening as I hadn't seen the first. I must say, I thought the chemistry between couples was very believable and the way they interacted with each other seemed to flow nicely. Of course TC is stunning and RB is so adorable, her laugh is contagious! I'm sorry to say I am not familiar with both male leads but I will say, I thought they did a fantastic job. Finally a movie without a princess or prince, cmon Hallmark, stop already with those and give us more like this! Listen to us, we're the ones watching and even though I'm 54, I still enjoy a beautiful love story!! This movie reminded me of my early adult life, falling in love, having fun with friends in the mountains, juggling work and play. It brought back lovely memories... just what it was supposed to do, lol at least for us 50 and over types! Well done to cast and crew, you rocked this movie.

  • Pleasant encore, and a nice surprise new character


    Pleasant, nice cast, nicely moving on as a sequel. The writers actually explained in dialog what had happened since the first movie without the need for annoying voiceover. Taylor Cole is as gorgeous as ever But I found myself diverted by another cast member. (slight spoiler, but only in cast list) What a pleasant surprise to find Tara Samuel in the cast. Not seeing Canadian TV I have not seen her since Sue Thomas. Aged nicely If you like Hallmark movies , this is a cut above median. If you like action/violence, why are you even reading this? Enjoy

  • beautiful views, typical plot, a little slow, but enjoyable


    Scenery is beautiful. Story is predictable and unrealistic. A little slow, but still enjoyable. I loved the use of A Thousand Years (Christina Perri). It was funny to see two of the main characters kiss at the beginning of the movie (instead of only once at the very end - typical of the Hallmark formula).

  • Another Winter Classic


    This was a lovely sequel to the first film and although the first film is still my favourite I just absolutely fell in love with a certain scene that everyone is waiting to see throughout the film. Cara and Ben have been going strong for a year to the point where he is ready to pop the question. Megan's career has taken off to the point where she and Sean have drifted apart and she has kinda transformed into a workaholic, but soon they reconnect and reignite their spark. I think this film did a better job of balancing out the couples screen time compared to the first film as much of the first focused on Cara and Ben and not much on Megan and Sean, but this was much better with both couples getting an equal amount of screen time together and focus on their love stories. It impresses me on how much some of the characters have really changed over the last year, showing a LOT of character development and continue to grow throughout the film. Plus one of my favourite moments is when one of my favourite songs, A Thousand Years is played during a significant moment that will make your hearts melt. Overall, I think Hallmark has done it again and created another classic Christmas romantic comedy film.

  • Pleasant


    Yep, that's it. Pleasant. It's a nice story. No surprises. If you didn't see Sean's secret weapon, then you haven't watched enough Hallmark movies. The gang of four from last year's movie connect on all four cylinders. The couples have chemistry with each other and with opposite couple. If I didn't like it already, putting Thousand Years behind the closing scene didn't hurt.


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