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Under the Autumn Moon (2018)

Under the Autumn Moon (2018)

Lindy BoothWes BrownNatalie LisinskaCherion Drakes
Gary Yates


Under the Autumn Moon (2018) is a English movie. Gary Yates has directed this movie. Lindy Booth,Wes Brown,Natalie Lisinska,Cherion Drakes are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Under the Autumn Moon (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

When an ambitious executive convinces her boss that a picturesque ranch would be perfect for their company retreats, he agrees to let her check it out. However, her plan hits a snag when the owner, a charming cowboy, refuses to sell unless she can promise to preserve its history. He convinces her to stay and experience the magic of the ranch, but when her boss shows up with other plans in mind, will she have to make a choice between love or ambition?


Under the Autumn Moon (2018) Reviews

  • Yes please


    Great - yet predictable Hallmark movie. Can't go wrong with Wes Brown!

  • Typical sugary Hallmark


    Pros: Scenery. More and more films being produced in/around Winnipeg which is great due to the great outdoors there. Cons: typical lame soundtrack. perpetually smiling faces. sweet sugary feel throughout. lack of realistic antagonist. contrived juvenile dialog. obligatory political correctness. . Hallmark movies make Disney look 'R' rated. Specifically to this movie: Driver loves his ranch so much, but leaves for 6 years for school when the ranch is so in need of money. Driver gives Alex clothes from lost and found, boots are realistically brand new, jeans fit like they are painted on. Alex is/was a professional rider, but first put on this gentle saddle horse looks apprehensive and nervous... Fly fishing with spincast equipment, pair of 'guests' included in final deal(?). The actors must go home with contorted faces from the exaggerated continuous smiling.

  • Definitely sugary


    Or as some people say sappy. I expect Hallmark movies to be sappy and unrealistic with too many things wrapped up all in a bow, but this movie does all that in spades. The story is a way overused trope where the family business is in jeopardy and a junior executive of a large corporation, Booth, is sent to scout buying it. The whole story is so cliche, or is it? Through most of the movie, I was thinking this premise is ridiculous, and much of it was, but hold off on that judgment because at least some of it makes more sense with a little twist toward the end. One small silly thing that stuck out though was "mucking the stalls" where the hay is already pristine and then they throw it at each other. It seems that some people are annoyed by Lindy Booth, but not me. Yes her voice is a little out of the normal range. In this movie, she did do a lot of standing around and smiling prettily. It's too bad that she was relegated to that because this woman has a bubbly personality where the joy comes out all over her if given a chance. In this movie, she held that bubbly personality in neutral or maybe just in first gear a little too much. She still played a woman with a very winsome personality. She and Wes Brown connected well. A couple of supporting actors were also appealing as Cherion Drakes and Dean Redman had a nice secondary romance going and Natalie Lisinska was Josh's friendly sister.

  • Same story with a nice cast


    So many Hallmark movies have the same story - a romance between the owner of a struggling business and the person who works for the person who wants to buy it. Instead of a bookshop it's a dude ranch. The difference here is the scenery is nice, the cast is attractive and authentic enough looking with Wes Brown as the ranch owner and Lindy Booth as the deal maker.

  • Annoying sound track


    Throughout the movie a "Peaceful Music" annoying bass is played that destroyed any enjoyment of the beautiful scenery and okay story.

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